Depersonalization pad




CD offers a service called “de-personalization” and it is absolutely unique. When you rent out your property, you can opt to use our exclusive service whereby we take your personal belongings (examples are linens, silverware, household ornaments, collectibles, art, etc.) and meticulously photograph and inventory them. We then arrange and store them in specially-designed and locked pods which are in air-conditioned, bonded and insured facilities. We also document precisely where in your home your belongings were situated. We then replace your items with ours for your tenants to utilize. When your home is no longer being rented and especially when you are returning to reside there again, we return your safely-stored property to your home and rearrange it precisely as you had it prior to your rental arrangement. We once again document this process and naturally you are welcome to be present and/or inspect your possessions. You may further elect to keep some or all of your property in the pod.

The advantage of this service is that you never feel any hint of compromise or transgression of your personal belongings, keeping them exclusively yours. And, you reap the benefits of the income of your rental while minimizing potential detriment.

We also can have housekeeping thoroughly clean, organize and prepare your home for your tenants or for your return to your desired extent.